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We offer a headhunting service where we, based on our more than 4 million candidates in Sweden are searching the 200 most relevant for your search.

We call all of those 200 potential Candidates and in this phase ask how interested they are generally in changing jobs.

All those who claim to be willing to change jobs, we present to you.

You see them at this stage as anonymous, meaning you see their profile but not their contact information.

You choose which of these you want to interview. We then call and presents your offer for these candidates.

We book the interested candidates to an interview with you and ensures that you get an updated CV and a personality test.

Timetable: The whole process until candidates are booked for interview takes about 7-10 days.

Price: We charge 9.000 sek ex VAT for the recruitment process ensuring you get up to 3 candidates at interview and 40.000 sek ex VAT per person you hire.

The skills that we focus on are the following: IT, Technicians, Engineers, Finance and Education.
In these areas we call candidates on multiple projects, meaning that we already have hundreds of Candidates that we've interviewed in recent months and can offer you extremely fast lead times.
You can practically within 5 minutes already see candidates who fit your profile and who are willing to change jobs.

The above mentioned 4 million Candidates are found on many different sources, everything from LinkedIn, Arbetsförmedlingen, public registers etc. We own by far the biggest candidatebase in Sweden.


Do you want the region's or the industry's biggest jobsite? We'll make it for you within an hour. The newspaper makes available an area och page on their site, for which we create a widget or iframe.
The iFrame contains all availible jobs in the region or industry. On top of the jobs, we offer a fully integrated system for paid job ads, either sold directly by us or the newspaper.

The ads sold on the site are generated/created in our adtool directly, meaning no need for any integrations. We split the revenue 50/50.
The newspaper commits to insert every week a quarterpage (or more) in order to promote the new recruitment service and to attract more readers and users to the site.

TimeSchedule: implementation, agreement, materials: 7 days

Price: no start up costs, split of all income 50/50.