All jobs in one place searchable in any language changes completely the job market by focusing on the job seeker. 5000 professions translated into 38 languages give relevance in your jobsearches

why oxojob is unique

The problem:

Jobs are on thousands of websites

The solution:

We scan more than 2000 jobsites

The language barrier is one of the greatest problems. You don´t know where to start in order to see if there are any jobs suitable for your education and experience.

Hamid Houshmand, Jobcoach, Göteborg, Sweden

oxojob is my main page in searching for a new job. It´s a great place to gather all jobs in one place and have control on the jobs I have applied.

Ellinore André, Stockholm, Sweden

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oxojob in numbers

Our focus is to offer you most jobs per country searchable in any language. We add daily fresh and interesting jobs from all industries.

390 434

no. of active jobs

43 423

no. of companies

Number of jobs by type:

Full time:180 713

Part-time:16 388

Temporary position:15 642

Summer job:24 074

Extra job:2 736

Other:150 881

Number of jobs by industry:

Other Professions:733

Management:3 982

IT:1 136

Marketing & Media:985

Sales:2 901

Healthcare:6 120

Education:7 051

Finance:1 769

Support:4 811


Food & Drink:2 048

Industrial:3 637

Projects & Development:1 215

Logistics:1 573



Social Worker:2 228

Construction:1 773



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All our features will enhance your ability to find a new job

You get search suggestions to find more positions that fit your search, you receive notifications with new jobs and you can apply to various positions by using your network. Job searching has never been easier.

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2000 jobsites in one place

5000 professions translated into 38 languages to suggest the right profile

oxojob connect – see your network vs the jobs you are interested in

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Searching for jobs was a painful experience. Wasting my time when I could spend it with my kids and friends just because all other jobsites are about selling advertising and not about finding jobs for people.

Magnus Andersson, Malmö, Sweden

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