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Right now we have 2500 developers in Sweden wanting to listen to job opportunities. Out of these, 500 are very interested and will most likely change jobs in the next 2 months.

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How does it work?


Within 24h after we agree on the profile and job description we send you a minimum of 20 candidate profiles. First you see their anonymous profile. In the moment you indicate that a candidate is of interest we email / call the Candidate to confirm that they are willing to listen to an offer from you.


In the ClientPortal you have a good overview of all Candidate. We assist you in booking all phone and face to face interviews. We expect you to do all phone interviews within a week from signing and all f2f interviews week 3. Our target is for you to hire in max 30 days.


As soon as we agree on the profile and job description we start suggesting your job to the Candidates we feel are relevant and who look for a position in line with your opening.


We charge a set-up fee of 500 Euro and 7.000 Euro for each person you hire. Regardless of salary, seniority etc.

4 simple steps for a new future


We define your search


We find and book candidates


You do the interviews


You hire

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We are highly specialized

In order to really be efficient and create a network that will ensure we can find many Candidates, oxojob is just focused on a couple of competences:

On a broader basis we do frontend, backend and fullstack recruitments, but all based on the core competences we focus on. From time to time, depending on the skills our Candidates posses we decide to add new skills on the list. So if you are a Python or a Go developer we can probably still be of relevance for you.

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